Endorsed Skill Assessments

Choose from these IPMA Endorsed Skill Assessments :

IPMA Endorsed Skills Assessment in Teamworks

IPMA Endorsed Skills Assessments for Managers

IPMA Endorsed Skills Assessments for Leaders 

IPMA Endorsed  Skills Assessments for Administrative Employee 

IPMA Endorsed Skills Assessments in Meeting Management 

IPMA Endorsed Skills Assessments in Negotiation 

4 main reasons for taking IPMA Endorsed Skill Assessments

  • Endorsement credibility.

  • Demonstrate your skills.

  • Distinguish yourself from your peers

  • Demonstrate your professional knowledge to current or future employers.

About IPMA Endorsed Skill Assessments

  1. The assessment will assess your skills through our online platform with a  grading system.

  2. The assessment is limited to 25 seconds per question since, the assessment taker must have a previous knowledge in this field.

  3. The Assessment can be taken at anytime.

  4. You can apply for free and take your assessment and only pay for the results report for the recognition of your achievement and your passing grade.

  5. The Passing grade  must be at 85%.

  6. You are allowed for two attempts per month.

  7. The questions of the assessment are around 40 questions.

  8. Questions are made into two forms: (Multiple choices and/or true and false).

  9. Your name on the application must match your official name on ID.

  10. Upon a successful completion, you can request to receive your IPMA Endorsed Skills assessment report to your email.


  • Applicant must have at least 3 years of experience.
  • Personal photo.
  • Proof of experience.
  • Proof of academic and/or professional qualification.
  • Copy of passport for verification.

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